Vote Te'Airea Powell for Cincinnati City Council

November 2, 2021!


East Westwood Trustee and Walnut Hills High School graduate.


Cincinnati landlord and Westside business owner.


Actively involved and supporter of Cincinnati's small business eco-system. 




Te’Airea Powell is a Walnut Hills High School graduate and currently works as a Senior Consultant for Fortune 500 company specializing in healthcare. 

Te’Airea currently serves as a trustee for the East Westwood Improvement Association who in recent years have completed projects such as the Park and walking trail at Hawkins Pl., the community garden, basketball court, and playground on McHenry in East Westwood where she was raised. For weeks during the Covid Pandemic, Te’Airea assisted in passing out hot meals and food boxes to those in need in the community at Third Presbyterian Church and recreation center.

Being a civil servant to her community isn’t anything new. During her adolescent/teenage years Te’Airea served as Vice President of the East Westwood Youth Council. She was also a part of the East Westwood Career Research team in which the teens went to interview and/or shadow professionals to help expose them to different career paths. Te’Airea was also a peer tutor at the recreation center as well.

Outside of her day job and community obligations, Te’Airea is a landlord who has dedicated her rental property to rent to felons to provide them with a second chance when it comes to inclusive housing. She is also a small business owner running T&D’s Party Room on the Westside.

In realizing that she wanted to do more when it came to helping the city that she loves, she completed the 2020 Neighborhood Leadership Academy and participated in the Gals in Government event in 2019 and 2020.


Image by Matt Popovich
Safety is a big priority for Te’Airea. Pedestrian safety is often overlooked and needs to be addressed as there has been an increase in pedestrians being hit (and sometimes killed) by cars. This needs to be addressed. While some neighborhoods have an abundance of safe crosswalks, many communities lack not only crosswalks but decent sidewalks. This is unacceptable and is a top priority for Te’Airea Powell.



Being a part of the East Westwood Community for over 20 years, Te’Airea knows the struggles that come along with being a small community. Many communities are underrepresented when it comes to projects, grants, and development. This must change. The city is only as great as its “weakest” community so Te’Airea is willing to put in the work to strengthen the neighborhoods both big and small.   Therefore, she plans to increase community input and engagement so that everyone feels heard and is provided with the same information when it comes to grants, projects, developments, etc.
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The job market is a crucial part of the city’s economy and it took a major hit during the pandemic as many residents were put out of work. The city must encourage companies to bring jobs back to Queen City. The diversity of the jobs is very important. Te’Airea plans to strengthen efforts to make Cincinnati attractive to multiple industries in order to bring jobs in and help existing local businesses partner with Community leaders and organizations to help fill current job vacancies.

Te’Airea believes that locating and funding more programs to get teens to work and/or partnering with local businesses to hire teens is crucial. Being idle causes problems, which is why we are seeing more teenage victims and perpetrators when it comes to violent crimes in the city. Te’Airea believes that working is a positive outlet that can help deter a teen from committing a crime. It also helps them gain work experience and helps them contribute to being a working member of society.


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There is a housing crisis in Cincinnati. The issue isn’t just affordable housing but inclusive housing. As a landlord that has dedicated her rental property to a disadvantaged group, she knows first-hand the need for housing for those looking for a second chance. Te’Airea believes that bringing together the city, local organizations, and local landlords can help get us as a city to a place where diverse residents are embraced, welcomed, and able to apply for housing without shame.